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SunnyByte Development Projects

Website (Craft CMS)

Jonathan Louis

UX Design, graphic design, website development, CMS integration, custom content migration plugin

Website (Craft CMS)


UX design, graphic design, website development, CMS integration

Website (Craft CMS)


Craft website development, marketing automation, CMS integration, custom plugin

Mobile Application (React Native)


Cross-platform mobile application development (iOS and Android), social integrations, push-notifications, advanced map UX, API development (3rd party data ingestion)

E-commerce (Craft Commerce)


Website development, 3rd party integrations, CMS integration, custom subscription plugin

E-commerce (Magento 2)

Ganja Goddess

Migration from Magento 1 to 2, new design, 3rd party integrations, CMS integration

Website (Craft CMS)


Website development, 3rd party integrations, CMS integration

Website (Craft CMS)

Avita Medical

Website development, 3rd party integrations, CMS integration

Website (WordPress)


Website development, CMS integration

Website (WordPress)

El Camp

Website development, 3rd party integrations, CMS integration

What do our client's say?
  • SunnyByte has helped us expand our reach and grow our customer base tenfold in the course of a year. They are attentive, flexible, and transparent, which gives us great confidence in our continued expansion. The team is smart, friendly, and they seem to really care about our business and our success.
    ~ Poppins Payroll
  • The SunnyByte team is amazing! They're very thoughtful and understanding of our business goals. Their ability to translate those goals and immerse them into an ecommerce website is an invaluable quality. Their communicative prowess coupled with their determination to meet deadlines will surely aide you in getting the best quality product.
    You will be in great hands.
    ~ Vincent Cevalte, CEO of CrEATe
  • Having worked with several different CMS platforms over my career, I was really impressed with how easy CRAFT is to use. Additionally, not having to do regular updates on the back end due to broken plugins and theme versions has been a real time and money saver.
    ~ Sarah Phelan, Marketing Manager, Green Hasson Janks
  • Craft far exceeded my expectations for a CMS platform, with it's ease of use and flexibility in customization, allowing us to fully populate the content for our site in about a quarter of the time originally anticipated.
    ~ Fraser Communications
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